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Email Help

Email server settings and more.

1. Change Password

1.1. Changing your password

It's important to keep your password secure.  Never type your password anywhere other than web email. (Rangenet will never email you asking for it. If anyone asks you for your password over email or over the phone it's a scam.).

If you think someone may have gotten ahold of your password, follow this process to change it.

Please make sure your password is at least 8 characters long, and contains at least one number.

How to change your password

  • First, log into Web Email.
  • Second, Go to "Options" in the upper right corner, and select "Preferences".  

  • Third, click the "Change Password" button (see the red arrow below).

  • Type in your current password where it says "Current Password". (see red arrow below).
  • Type your new password where it says "New Password", and again where it says "New Password Again" (see blue arrows below).
  • Click the "Change" button (see green arrow below).

2. Server Settings

2.1. Generic Settings

The following settings should let you configure just about any email program for use with Rangenet.

Basic Settings


Incoming Server mail.rangenet.com
Incoming Server Type IMAPS (Secure IMAP)
Outgoing Server mail.rangenet.com
Outgoing Server Type SMTPS (Secure SMTP)

If you are asked whether you want to use "SSL" or "TLS", you should always say yes.
The Rangenet platform supports TLS 1.3 encryption for both incoming and outgoing.

Username username@rangenet.com

Make sure to use your full email address for your username.
Remember that your password is case-sensitive, so pay attention to upper/lower-case letters.

Advanced Settings

Usually, you shouldn't need to change these— but they are listed here for your reference:

Secure IMAP (IMAPS) Port 993
Secure SMTP Port 587